I was hired to create the brand identity, website and collateral for new London-based professional choir Sonoro. 
Logo and brand identity
They wanted a logo which reflected their particular approach to choir music: modern, warm and unique. 
I based the concept of the mark on sound rippling through the air and the coming together of the individual singers to create a harmonious sound. Used as part of the wordmark as well as on its own, it has become a highly recognisable element of the Sonoro brand. 
Sonoro needed a website to reach their audience. I opted for a simple and clear design, relying on just two bespoke page templates to handle the content, with option to add more as required to future-proof the site. 
Based on a single-page template, where users can find the sections they are interested in by either using the top navigation or simply by scrolling down, the Sonoro homepage allows for all the main content to be accessible very easily. The second page template is used to list individual concerts and provide information on the programme presented during each performance. 
Built on Wordpress, the site is fully responsive.  
I designed a two-sided business card template using the mark as a key visual element, combined with the web address, on the back of the card, whilst the information on the front is kept to a minimum with just the logo, name, role and phone number. 
I have also designed the programme for each of the choir's concerts to date, adapting the visual identity developed for the website to fit printed media. Once again, the mark is used very prominently on the covers and back covers as an overlay to both complement the imagery used and reinforce the brand identity. 

Web: Photography by Nick Rutter.

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