Discovery Networks Western Europe
Designing the smart TV On-Demand app for German TV channel DMAX
I was brought on board to provide all UI designs for the first production On-Demand app developed by Discovery Networks for German TV channel DMAX. Following the channel's recent rebranding, I was asked to incorporate a variety of elements into the designs, especially the 'frosted glass' effect developed for the on-scren and off-screen idents and brand. 
I took the limited navigation potential of a standard TV remote control into consideration and developed an intuitive left/right and up/down way to navigate through programmes and series on offer across the platform and limited required user interactions to a minimum to keep the app simple and straightforward to use. 
Discovery Networks had previously developed a prototype for a similar app for Discovery Channel, and all design aspects were created based on this prototype and on feedback gathered by Discovery Channel during user testing sessions.
The first four screens below show various options for the app's landing page, with a programme selected by default, and navigation through other programmes in that section selected using the left and right arrow keys on a TV remote, and navigation through various sections (New, Catch-up, Favourites, Popular) selected with the up and down arrow keys. 
Two variations on the look and feel of the navigation were created. The last two screens also show the selected programme image full screen, with all navigation and furniture layered over it.
These designed later served as the basis for the DMAX iPad app. 

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